What is Self Compassion and Why Does It Matter?

How do you respond to yourself in facing the daily challenge of your life? That is, what kind of thoughts and feeling typically appear when you feel a little overwhelmed by your responsibilities or relationships? If you’re like many people, you may sometimes criticize yourself when you are under pressure, stressed or feeling you haven’t done as well as you wished. You may sometimes judge yourself harshly or imagine negative judgments of others. How do self criticism and self judgment effect your ability to engage with your life? Research shows that most people are harder on themselves than on their friends when the friends face the same challenges!

Self Compassion is when we respond to ourselves supportively, with kindness and understanding. Whether we’re facing a daily hassle or a big challenge, we offer ourselves encouragement and support rather than blame. When we want to achieve an important goal, we can use self compassion to motivate ourselves rather than criticism, fear and blame.

Self Compassion is not a theory or a concept. It is a concrete and practical skill that can be learned, practiced and applied in daily life right at the moment we need it.

This matters because research shows that learning and practicing self-compassion are strongly connected with greater emotional well being and resilience as well as big reductions in self criticism and anxiety.

Ask yourself: how would your life be with less self criticism and self blame, and more kindness and understanding?

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There will be 9 course sessions on Sundays.
The free, pre-course orientation session will be on Sunday March 31, and the course starts on Sunday April 7.

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Mindful Self-Compassion Thailand

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