Mindful Self-Compassion for Caregivers (Tuesdays, May – June 2020)


Tuesday Mornings 8am-11am: May-June 2020

Free Orientation Session: Tuesday April 7, 9am

First Course Session, Tuesday May 5, 8am

This is a special Mindful Self-Compassion course offering for caregivers  


What is Mindful Self-Compassion(MSC)? 

Self-compassion involves responding to difficulty with kindness & understanding so that we soothe & comfort ourselves when we’re hurting or motivating/encouraging ourselves with kindness to achieve our goals!  Studies show that MSC practice increases emotional well being, self acceptance, resilience and happiness while also reducing self criticism, anxiety and tension.  No experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary!

Taking care of other people is both rewarding and challenging.  It is a cliche that carregivers need to have high levels of self care so that we have capacity and space to be there for others.  MSC is uniquely well suited to the needs of people whose work or daily life involves putting other people’s needs before their own: therapists, educators, counselors, coaches and even parents.This unique, small-group training (maximum six participants) is designed for people who work as caregivers and will focus on the unique demands of these roles and the needs of those who care for others.  The teachers are experienced guides who will also share from their own experiences.


MSC Teachers:

Ben Weinstein and Lihi Darnell are licensed psychologists and trained MSC Teachers. Learn more about us on the main page: mscthailand.org

Course Calendar:

All course sessions will be at Psychological Services International (PSI) on Tuesday mornings from 8am to 11am plus a Saturday retreat session.

Orientation: April 7

Session 1: May 5  (8-12)               Session 6: June 2                                        

Session 2: May 12                          Retreat Session:  June 6 (Saturday)

Session 3: May 19                          Session 7: June 9

Session 4: May 26                         Session 8: June 16

Session 5: June 23


MSC for Carers registration includes:

  • 8 course sessions (25 hours)
  • 1 retreat session (4 hours)
  • 1 private coaching session (60 minutes) with a teacher to practice applying MSC in your context (regular cost 3500 baht) between June 6-June 30
  • Abundant participant resource materials including participant workbook, guided meditations, and online resources

Cost: 27,500 baht


Seats are limited!!

To Register: Email us at mscthailand.org@gmail.com  to avoid losing your seat!

Please note that this is a separate registration process from the Sunday MSC course; you can only register by emailing us.


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